After much practice and rewriting of the script as more children joined our School, we performed Kubuka & the Magic Calabash, a play based on the book of the same title by Janet Keegans. The story is about the initiation journey of a vervet monkey (Kubuka) who is excluded by his troop for disrespecting the leader. Drinking water from the hollow Baobab tree, Kubuka finds himself indebted to the water spirit Amanzi (trapped on the inside of the tree) and sets off on a journey to release his friend from an evil spell cast on him by Zaka the Wicked. Unless he manages to do this, the land suffers a most terrible drought and animals are dying. He encounters all kinds of dangers and adventures, he has to overcome his naughtiness and learn to be brave, honourable and selfless. The drama plays in the ancient city of Zimbabwe, enlightening the audience with the rich legend of the goddess Shirichena, who saves Kubuka in the dark cave from the power of Zaka the evil magician. When he eventually retrieves the calabash, Amanzi can be set free and returned to the great Zambezi River.
The performance in September was a huge success, the audience marvelled at the memory of the children, the quality of the singing and confident performances. Well done to all involved!!!